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6 Tips To Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media has become an essential means of increasing, and improving the visibility and positioning of companies on the web, and more specifically on search engines. A good SMO (Social Media Optimization, a method of attracting visitors to the website’s content through their promotion) can therefore have a significant impact on a company’s results, as long as it is properly deployed. Here are 6 tips for a successful SMO.

Advanced and structured planning

A content delivery program on social media is the cornerstone of a successful SMO. By planning on the content to be broadcast on their social networks at least several days in advance (preferably 7 days at least), marketers make sure that they have room for manoeuvre in the event of unforeseen circumstances (in particular, the inability of finding content on time), but above all give their media optimization consistency as a result of the planned coordination thanks to the overall view they would have. Social media management tools such as Hootsuite are available, however, human management may be more than enough in the case of a hotel establishment.

Use images

Images remain one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. By combining relevant and quality images with your SMO content, it becomes more attractive and will therefore reach a wider, and more meaningful audience. Photo banks such as Shutterstock or 123rf have a wide range of images suitable for all content.

Keywords, a shortcut for more visibility

According to SEO, keywords refer to terms that correspond to the very essence of a search on an engine. By using these words, references position themselves on the reference domain of the term in question, and attract to their content Internet users looking for information on the subject. Their integration into the content is therefore an important element of their SMO strategy.

Regular publications, guaranteed optimization

Between 1 and 5 daily publications 5 days a week, this is the recommended frequency for a successful SMO. This frequency will be determined by the level of the company’s presence on social media, and it will enable it to increase the number of fans or followers of its various pages on social media.

Optimize your content with #Hashtags

Hashtags will enable Internet users to find you. They must be relevant, hence the need to determine which ones are current and used by professionals in the sector. In the case of hotels, hashtags referring back to the destination, a specific attraction or event in the destination must be used. Tools such as Brandwatch can be helpful in finding relevant hashtags. Finally, as soon as your SMO strategy is well established, and you have a fairly large receptive audience; creating your own hashtags to create a buzz around your products becomes the next step.

Presence everywhere

A wide range of social media exists today, each specializing in a different niche. For hotels, several of them can be used: Facebook for global and general distribution, Instagram and Pinterest for picture content, LinkedIn and Twitter to be known by industry stakeholders, and Youtube for video content.

As we can see, an SMO strategy must meet certain criteria to optimize its performance. But above all, its content must be coherent in order to be in adequacy with the brand image that wants to be portrayed.

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 Tips To Optimize Your Social Media Strategy