In the modern hospitality industry, many hotels are moving away from indirect bookings towards direct bookings. However, some still depend on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). The Full Funnel Marketing is one of the strategies being adopted by hotels to drive direct bookings. This strategy involves the customers’ journey towards booking a ticket. The funnel involves the customer’s first-hand experience with the hotel brand, price, safety and convenience considerations, and finally the decision to book directly. Direct booking hotels usually use this method so as to put in place necessary measures to increase direct bookings.

Advantages of direct booking to hotels

Direct booking is most of the time preferred to indirect booking. Customers will always choose the former in the event where the two options are available. Hotel Intelligence is a perfect example of a technology provider that gives you the chance to exercise direct booking. In the process, no third parties nor booking agents are involved and hence transparency and efficiency are highly enhanced. It is a hospitality company that mainly aims at reducing the dependency of hoteliers on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Having been founded in 2017, it provides services like web solutions, hotel web marketing, performant hotel websites, price comparison tools, and their unique rate match booking engine that maximize your chances to win the direct booking battle…

The importance of increasing direct bookings in hotels

Direct booking hotels are more advantageous compared with indirect ones. Seeking hospitality services from Hotel Intelligence can enable you to enjoy the benefits:

Save on time

Considering booking through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), this is quite a long and involved process that may take much time. This is because you will need to communicate with the agency, which will, in turn, communicate with the hotel before you get booked. Direct booking hotels like Hotel Intelligence simplify all this process and make it easier for customers to enjoy their services.

save on time

An Integrated booking engine

Among direct booking hotels in the market, Hotel Intelligence provides an integrated platform on its website, allowing customers to directly book with ease. Unlike the indirect way which may involve logging in several websites, this method provides all services on the booking engine. This is economical, effective, and time-saving.

Price management system

Direct booking hotels provide a simplified and independent price management system that carries all the information about finances. All bookings are recorded in this system hence guaranteeing accountability in the hotel. Hotel Intelligence has this management system that is fully independent and is not connected to any Online Travel Agency. Managing prices enables customers to receive quick and accurate services and to avoid miscalculations.

In conclusion, direct bookings have become more popular. Every customer would want to book a ticket directly from the hotel’s than to do it through an agency. For this reason, increasing direct bookings should be the target for every hotel in the industry. Direct booking hotels may thrive well in the market in the near future. As much as indirect booking should not be completely eliminated from the industry, hoteliers should aim at increasing their direct bookings. Hotel Intelligence provides these services at a cheaper cost and improved services.