Hôtel price match tools

These days there are quite literally hundreds of online websites that offer the same rooms at different pricing. Sometimes this can leave you wondering if the price being offered is the right one to choose. If you’re looking to book through an Online Travel-Agency (OTA) they can charge anything between 15-18% commission on the base price of the hotel room, and sometimes even more, which you probably really don’t want.

You might want to have a look at a rate comparison tool. This is where price check widgets come into play. They are excellent additions that you may add to your website as a way to guarantee the (potential) customers that they are really getting the best deal straight from the Brand.com.

Why Should You Use A price Comparison Widget in Your Website?

A price check widget, like the one offered by Hotel Intelligence, presents your guests with real-time comparison of how your hotel’s direct rates compare among various OTAs.

The statistics show that most people who used an OTA to book your hotel, did visit your website, but still chose to go through OTAs. If you use the widget, you can increase your direct bookings as you show your possible guests that they are getting the best value through your website. In addition, direct bookings allow your hotel to build relationships with the customers, and doing so you put the brand value and loyalty in the center of the relationship. These are much more important for your brand than what current increased bookings through OTAs can’t offer. Price check widgets can help you in achieving this.

Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate a price comparison widget on your website:

1. Better Data for Your Hotel

You are probably aware that when it comes to improving your business, improving your guest relation is your top priority. If you use a widget, like Hotel Intelligence, it will increase direct bookings through your website. This will give you access to a significant database that will allow you to get to know your customers better and then be able to tailor a personalized experience, which will help increase your costumers’ return rate.

2. Save Consumer Time

When consumers are searching around for the perfect hotel for their holidays or otherwise, their choices are not always based just on the price. Location, facilities, and rating also plays a role. When guests book your hotel through an OTA, they often visit your website as well to get a better in-depth feeling of what it would be like to stay there. If you are able to deliver all of the information about your hotel, and a comparison of the best prices, you will save your customer time. Saving them time will enhance their experience, and will also allow them more time on your website to further entice them.

3. Build Consumer Relationship

Consumer relationships are vital when it comes to the longstanding success of your hotel. When guests book through an OTA, you become one of many possible hotels for them. If they do it through your own website, they’ll get a much better outlook on your hotel. Getting a repeat customer is far cheaper than trying to build a new customer base. If you have the right pricing strategy, a rate comparison widget will show the customer that you truly are the best choice, and you will become the hotel to book, instead of one of the options.

In Conclusion

A price comparison widget is essential for the success of your hotel. There are plenty of benefits that will only build on the triumph of your hotel, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction today by installing a price widget on your website. Other hotels don’t intend to catch the opportunity, will you do the same?