Why your Hotel need a Professional photographs

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Hotel Intelligence Analyst

An image is worth more than a thousand words. This old saying is valid in all areas and circumstances but is particularly suitable for the modern hotel industry. The proof is that, according to TripAdvisor, 53% of users will not book a property without having seen photos as the presence of photos increases the chances of a booking by 138%. Putting high-quality photos of your property on your official website can really make the difference, and really convince your potential customer.

The photo, best ambassador for your hotel,

When a person visits a website, the first impression is decisive and may affect his behavior when the visit probably ends with a commercial transaction. In the hospitality industry, this phenomenon is even more important to consider as hoteliers are marketing an ephemeral living space where comfort and aesthetics are essential elements. As a result, the best way to communicate this first impression is by using professional photographs.

In regards to the rooms, the images must represent all of them, because the smallest detail can make a big difference. The use of a professional photographer is imperative to capture the room at its best, especially when it comes to lighting

room professional photographer

The second essential element that plays in customers making their choice are the restaurants, and services offered by the property. Whether swimming pools, gyms or the parking lot, all published images provide more information to customers, and when these images are of professional quality, they allow customers to project themselves and feel at ease, which will definitely contribute to finalizing their booking. As far as restaurants are concerned, it is a major asset for hoteliers, who must make it an attractive space by broadcasting both images of the dedicated spaces, and the food supply by displaying very high-quality photographs. For many travelers, eating places are a crucial element in determining their choice, and the best way to convey that is by using photography.

Finally, the surroundings and attractions near the hotel are the latest milestones that hoteliers must highlight on their official website. Thanks to quality photographs, they will transmit dreams to potential customers who will be able to be seduced by their property.

The best way to drain Direct Bookings

The added value of professional photographs must be measured by hoteliers. And the best barometer for these are the Direct Bookings. By displaying quality content, hoteliers will invariably see their direct revenue increase. According to a study by, 70% of respondents said that photography played a key role in their booking process. By providing their official website with professional photographs, hoteliers will not only give themselves an advantage over their competitors, but they will also increase their chances of receiving Direct Bookings.

In conclusion, the use of a professional photographer, although it is a cost that hoteliers have to bare, remains a highly profitable investment. As several studies show, travelers, rely on this means to make their choice, and this trend is one that will not fade away due to the growing importance of social networks focused on photography (Instagram, Pinterest …) as they become significant references in the hotel industry.