Video content on your website : 5 reasons why it’s a good idea

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Video content on your website : 5 reasons why it’s a good idea
Hotel Intelligence Analyst

The content offered on a website, especially that of a hotel, should reflect as much as possible the experience that is being offered to potential customers in order to convince them to go ahead and make a commercial transaction. Opinions differ as to exactly how much impact video content on a website can have, but what is undeniable is that it has a positive impact on the commercial performance of a hotel’s website. Here are 5 benefits of having video content on your hotel’s website.

Deliver your message quickly and efficiently

Regardless of the quality of the content on your website, a video will convey your message much more quickly. In fact, personalized videos can be edited so as to be entertaining and informative, and to convey a well-defined message to the customer, particularly concerning the products, services, environment and news pertaining to the hotel. As for the duration of the video, it should not exceed 3 minutes because it will be shared more easily on your social media.

Captivate your website’s visitors

When potential customers visit your hotel’s official website, a simple curiosity can draw their attention and encourage them to click on a video. By clicking, they will see what your hotel has to offer in a concise and direct way. Thus, at each visit, video content will keep visitors engaged on the official website as they gain confidence in the hotel’s “brand” being highlighted in the video.

Captivate your website’s visitors

Generate traffic to your website

By promoting a video posted on the official website, attractive and dynamic content is being made available to visitors. This will inevitably generate traffic to the official website, which will increase the likelihood of Direct Bookings.

Improves presence on search engines

Given that publishing videos on YouTube is widely accessible, it is important to post the videos from the hotel’s Youtube channel to the hotel’s official website as well. Since Google owns YouTube, it is very likely that videos on both YouTube and your official website will be displayed during searches. The diffusion of the video, and thus of the hotel’s official website, is multiplied.

Reach mobile users as much as possible

The growth of mobile hotel bookings has increased more and more in recent years, and video content remains an element associated with mobile devices. By offering video content on the hotel’s official website, mobile customers will have an experience more suited to their needs, which will increase the probability of a Direct Booking, and more importantly will make the difference vis-à-vis competitors who do not offer this option.

Reach mobile users as much as possible

Hotels are therefore strongly advised to use video content in order to adapt to the ever-changing demands of their customers who increasingly seek a relevant and comfortable experience during their online booking process.


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