Why Your SEO & PPC Teams Must Work Together

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The Direct Booking Evangelist

According to statistics, there are over 103 billion Google searches on a monthly basis. A whopping 78% of US-Based Internet Users research products and services on the web before making their purchase decisions. The implication of this is that the internet is the most likely way to get the conversion for your businesses. This includes the hospitality industry. Some hoteliers may think that their brand will do better if they either focus on PPC or SEO. As a matter of fact, for a digital marketing strategy to be successful, both SEO & PPC should work together and not alone. The SEO channel can greatly increase the efficiency of the PPC channel. Moreover, the PPC channel can greatly increase the efficiency of the SEO channel.

7 Reasons then SEO & PPC Teams Should Work Together

1.Increased visibility in search engine results.

A good search engine ranking would be greatly optimized by a PPC ad. When the two i.e. PPC and SEO work together, it would lead to increased visibility in search engine results. The level of visibility that would accompany such marketing efforts would be better than what you can accomplish when you use either of them alone. When your hotel appears in two major spots on a search results page, the likelihood of you having website visitors increases.

search engine

2. SEO will help Your PPC ads get high-quality scores.

When SEO and PPC teams work together, it improves the quality score of your PPC ads. Google and Bing awards quality scores for PPC campaigns. This quality score is a measure of the relevance between the content of your website and your bid keywords. If it is very relevant, you will get a good quality score. If it isn’t relevant, you will get a poor quality score. The higher your score, the better your ad position. When your SEO team and PPC team work together, the PPC team will receive useful insights from the SEO team. This insight will ensure that your ad gets a high-quality score.

3. Optimized Website Content

According to statistics conducted by Marketing Pilgrim, a higher percentage of online shoppers are more likely to use the organic search engine for information. This is where optimized website content plays a role in aiding conversions. The PPC team is in possession of useful analytics and data that would greatly improve a website’s SEO. The PPC team possesses information regarding the texts, and keywords that have the best conversion rates. If this information is shared with the SEO team, they would on their part use the keywords optimally on the website in order to get better marketing results.

Optimized Website Content

4. Shared Keyword data

The SEO team is in possession of a large collection of keyword data which would have been derived from any keyword tool used, for instance, Google Search Console. This data would be highly valuable to the PPC team when the SEO & PPC team work together, useful information will be shared between both teams.

5. Optimized re-marketing efforts

When the SEO & PPC teams work in cooperation, it is easy to re-market the hotel to visitors who have previously visited the website. This makes it easy for the PPC team to target people who visited the website based on organic search engine results. Re-marketing efforts can help you capture people who visited the hotel website in the past, but didn’t make a booking.

6. Better content marketing

According to survey conducted on marketers, 53% of respondents stated that content marketing is the most effective SEO tactic. According to statistics, about 96% of marketers provide informational and educational content via Search Engine Marketing. Efficient cooperation between the SEO & PPC team would help improve the results from content marketing. A PPC campaign can be used to optimize the efforts of the SEO team in terms of content marketing. For instance, a hotel that publishes an e-book can use search engine ads and social media ads to drive traffic to the e-book.

7. Shared demographic data

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 44% of online shoppers begin their shopping by searching on a search engine. The PPC team is in possession of useful data, and demographic information from all the ad campaigns they have run in the past. This information would be of great benefit when it is shared with the SEO team. This would enable the SEO team to tailor the website content towards the most potential market.

In conclusion. It is very important that the SEO team and the PPC team work hand-in-hand. This would help optimize digital marketing efforts. If you have two different teams handling your PPC and SEO efforts, ensure that there is an efficient communication channel, which will aid the sharing of information and data. This would help your hotel make more profit.