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How Hotels can Make Use of instagram business Profile as a Marketing Tool

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Hotel Intelligence Analyst

Instagram use is on the rise. Today, active Instagram users have already exceeded the 1 billion mark, from a low of 800 million just in the last year. On the contrary, other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are quickly losing popularity. By posting their travel destinations on their Instagram accounts, many celebrities today have become the lead influencers of where their huge following chooses to travel. Instagram has, therefore, become a major marketing tool that cannot be ignored. For hotel owners, the use of Instagram as a marketing tool can still be maximized by further switching your hotel’s Instagram account into a business profile. The business profile has new and exciting features that you can take advantage of. So, how do you that and why is it vital for your hotel?

Why should you have an Instagram business profile?

It is simple. You will draw the traffic to your account which could translate to business. Going by the Instagram statistics, over 200 Instagram users take a look at a business profile each day, with three-quarters of these exploring more about the business through its platforms such as its website. Having a business profile is a friend and not a foe to your hotel business, as many are concerned about a drop in engagement which is not the case.

How do you put up an Instagram business profile?

To switch to an Instagram business profile, follow the following steps;
-First, log in to your Instagram account, go to settings, and tap switch to business profile’. The Instagram account switches to business profile.
-Secondly, Tap continues and connects to Facebook within the app. You should have admin access to the Facebook page with which you want to connect.
-Finally, tap on done, and your business profile will be live.
For a visual demo of the switching process, you can watch the Instagram video.

The biggest pros of having a business profile.

Apart from increasing traffic and improving sales, a business profile will help you;

1. View how people are interacting with your business.

This is harder when using a personal account as you have to check manually or use analytical tools. You save time by having real-time metrics of the performance of your posts, website visits, and so on. Having an Instagram business profile makes this possible.

2. Put up Instagram ads

With the Instagram ad, you can define your audience, objectives and most suitable time for your ad to run, based on your Instagram insights. With the improvements earlier this year, one can be able to create scheduled posts due to an update on the Instagram API. This works by connecting with third party platforms such as Hootsuite. Scheduling posts at a go saves time for your business.

3. Provide contact details.

With an Instagram business profile, your contact details are made available to your customers, who can therefore easily get in touch with you.

4. Add swipe up links to your Instagram posts.

With the business profile, you can add attention-grabbing pictures to boost viewership. It includes a see more’ arrow which appears, redirecting your customers to your choice page. This increases engagement with your brand.

5. Manage two accounts at once.

Your Instagram account connects to your Facebook account.This will lead to a double promotion of your product, hence increasing traffic. Your Instagram photos can be shared on Facebook to reach more potential customers and also save the time used up in trying to manage multiple accounts.

In Conclusion, for your hotel business to maximize its potential of success with the use of Instagram marketing, you need to switch your hotel’s Instagram account to business profile. This will undoubtedly draw traffic to your site, save you time in managing two accounts, help you monitor your site’s viewership and ultimately lead to an increase in sales.