What is the internet rate? And why do #OTAs sell better than official #Hotel websites?

The internet rate is simply the public rate communicated by #hoteliers to their distributors, to which they have made structural changes (typology and composition of the offer), price changes (promotions and deals), contextual changes (differentiation/improvement of sales conditions) and addition of value-added services. Thanks to this “internet rate” #OTAs create instantaneous selective disparities, giving them the occasional competitive advantage

RateTiger and Hotel Intelligence announce integration partnership

Recommended by Moroccan Hotel for improving direct bookings through integrated solution September, the 22th, 2021: Leading French booking engine provider, Hotel Intelligence has partnered with distribution technology leader RateTiger by eRevMax to provide integrated solutions to accommodations. Through this partnership, hotels can make real-time rate and availability updates and receive bookings generated in their brand

Why Artificial Intelligence is essential to develop your direct booking with a good pricing strategy

There is a great imbalance in the relationship between hotels and OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies). Today it is extremely rare for a hotel to have an official website that brings in as many bookings as Booking.com or Expedia. Why? Simply because it does not have the same technological weapons as the OTA’s. In 2010, when

Hotel Intelligence the technology that rebalances your relationship with OTA’s

Hotel Intelligence, the French start-up that is revolutionizing hoteliers’ direct booking with its artificial intelligence, is accelerating its development by opening offices in the United States and Canada. This expansion will enable the company to enhance its presence and distribution in North America, an essential market for growth, and be closer to its customers. “We

Are the otas going to passively let it be by direct booking?

Over the past few years, major actors in the technology industry and new innovative start-ups have taken over the various players in the hotel industry by developing adapted solutions that can put the OTAs’ position at test. This is the case for many companies like Hotel Intelligence which will offer the simplest, intuitive, reliable, flexible,

What will be the technological trends of the hospitality industry in 2021?

As every year, the year 2020 will bring with it its share of technological innovations to the hotel industry. Whether at the distribution, marketing or customer service levels, these technological innovations will contribute to the improvement of the industry’s processes and will have a significant impact on the daily lives of professionals in the sector,

In times of covid-19, will direct booking win the 2021 distribution battle against the otas?

In the second half of 2020, marked by what the Covid-19 crisis has represented and continues to represent for the hotel industry, all indicators suggest that we could witness the outcome of a war between hotel distributors that has been going on for several years now: knowing who will definitely lead the distribution between OTAs

The Chatbot, a new technological tool in the hotel industry

Hotels redouble their creativity in order to stand out from their competitors and to be ever closer to their customers. Thus in recent years (and particularly in 2020), we have seen the spread of a new technological communication tool: The Chatbot. Its goal is to keep the hotels close to their customers and push their

How to turn your Meta Description Tag into a Direct Booking generator?

When the result of a search is displayed on a search engine such as Google, the ranking of the pages displayed is influenced by specific data: the quality of the meta description tag. The latter plays a leading role in the natural referencing of your company’s website, which will be more visible to potential customers