When the result of a search is displayed on a search engine such as Google, the ranking of the pages displayed is influenced by specific data: the quality of the meta description tag. The latter plays a leading role in the natural referencing of your company’s website, which will be more visible to potential customers by highlighting a call to action micro-content and can generate conversions.

What is a meta description tag?

The meta description tag is an element that aims to describe in a few lines (160 characters on Google) the content of your website. It matches the snippet that appears under the content titles on the Google search engine. It contains keywords for which you want to optimize a page and informs search engines as well as Internet users of the content of the page.

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The importance of the meta description tag

Serving as a business card for your website on search engine pages such as Google, the meta description tag should reflect the key information of your business that deserves to be highlighted. It must make potential customers want to click on your website’s link without, nonetheless, giving them too much, because in that case they will not click on the link and will be content with the information on the meta description tag displayed.

How to optimize the meta description tag?

First of all, it is important to respect the constraints imposed by Google and do not exceed the maximum authorized size. Do not exceed 160 characters in order to avoid any risk of losing content and consequently losing its meaning. Then, regarding the content of the meta description tag itself, insert the main keywords associated with your web page in order to be in line with what the end-user expects, but also to keep coherence in relation to Google. Compliance with these two rules will improve the attractiveness of your website which will see it’s CTR (Click Through Rate) improve, and consequently so will it’s natural referencing.

In conclusion, we can easily say that the quality of a meta description tag can affect the traffic and productivity of your hotel website. However, taking into account key elements in its development can definitely make a difference in the performance of your website, which implies the total relevance of its content.

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