LinkedIn, the very first social network for the business world, is a unique space for exchanging and interacting that facilitates the promotion of your business and the development of a rich and active professional network. It is all about learning the ropes and making the most of your strong potential.

5 marketing tips from LinkedIn to grow your business

Create a company profile

The first step that should not be neglected is the creation of a LinkedIn company page that will accurately represent your hotel, will highlight it, and will present your mission as well as your collaborators. It will allow you to share with your professional community the important events in the life of your hotel.

Share content frequently

After creating your LinkedIn company page, you have to liven it up by frequently sharing relevant content with your professional network. Whether it be the organization of a prestigious event, the improvement of your facilities or services, the conclusion of a strategic partnership, or obtaining a reward, do not hesitate to communicate it.

Use quality visuals

LinkedIn is not a network based on visuals, unlike Instagram. This aspect should however not be neglected, as it is an integral part of your company’s image. So take care over all the visuals you use (logo, profile photo, etc.) and do not hesitate to illustrate your “posts” with relevant images, because it will allow you to stand out in an intelligent way.

Create and participate in groups

One of LinkedIn’s key features is the possibility of creating a Group that revolves around a specific interest. By grouping people around a unifying theme related to your field of activity, you make sure to publicize your hotel, its issues and the impact on its ecosystem, with an engaged audience. In the same vein, participating in groups will allow you to interact with other users, giving you the opportunity to create real connections with your community.

Involve your partners and employees

By working in an environment where you regularly interact with partners (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.), do not hesitate to involve them in your LinkedIn company page. If your page is followed by professionals with experience and skills, your business will immediately gain credibility.

In conclusion, LinkedIn can prove to be an interesting tool for your business as long as you take it seriously. If you want to achieve tangible results, you will need to integrate it as an essential part of your SMM strategy – Social Media Marketing – and not use it sporadically.