How can Pinterest help your hotel?

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How can Pinterest help your hotel?
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In a context of web content digitization where pictorial communication is increasingly trendy, many platforms have emerged to meet the growing appetite of consumers. Out of all of them, Pinterest has emerged in recent years as one of the references at this level.

What is Pinterest

What is Pinterest ?

Pinterest is a web platform, launched in 2010, that combines the concepts of social networking and photo sharing. It allows users to share their interests and passions through photographic albums obtained from the Internet and allows to create virtual boards where you can “pin” images from the web. It is essentially a bookmarking site for absolutely any subject.

Who uses Pinterest ?

Pinterest has 317 million active monthly users worldwide. Users come from all generations and all regions of the world, but also from all social categories, making Pinterest a global platform accessible to many consumers.

5 reasons a hotel manager should use Pinterest

1. Photos of the hotel and the rooms : Although this should not be the main focus of a hotel’s Pinterest, it’s important to at least present a few photos of the hotel. Pinning images that link customers to the hotel’s official website will increase traffic to the website, and thus increase the probability of Direct Bookings.

2. Attractions and things to do in the area : The characteristics of the region and its attractions are a major asset for each hotel. Developing a table with this information will highlight and increase the value of the hotel, and it will also give customers a good idea of where the hotel is situated.

3. Trends and wedding venues : Ideas and tips for wedding planning are extremely popular on Pinterest. If a hotel has a suitable wedding venue, photos of the venue should be pinned on the hotel’s board.

wedding planning

4. Favorite travel items : Having a travel board is important in a hotel’s Pinterest strategy. This can include travel gadgets or travels games for kids or anything else that might interest the guests visiting the hotel.

5. Vintage photos of the hotel / Local historical photos / Vintage travel photos :
Fundamentally, all vintage photos and images are very popular on Pinterest. If a
hotel is housed in a historic building or has a rich history, vintage images could be attractive to those who know the area, but they could also capture the imagination of other members of the Pinterest community

Vintage photos of the hotel

In conclusion, Pinterest has become a great asset to promote a hotel, and hotel managers should use it given the qualitative contributions it can make to their hotel.


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