Once a commercial website is launched, analyzing its performance becomes a priority in order to know its impact on the activity it describes. In the hotel industry, this is all the more true because the hotel’s official website is not only its showcase, but also a powerful sales tool. Google Analytics is a free tool to evaluate a website’s performance by delivering statistics of all kinds that allow hotel managers to have an overview of its performance.

Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is a free service that analyzes a website’s or an app’s audience. It is used by more than 10 million websites, which is more than 80% of the global market. Thanks to a tracking system encoded in the website, it allows, through tables and graphics, to illustrate data such as the reputation of the site, its effectiveness, the time users spend browsing through it, or simply the most popular elements of the website.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics, what’s it for?

Essentially, the main purpose of Google Analytics is to allow hotel managers to understand the behavior of their website’s users. With the rise of Direct Booking, this becomes crucial given the predominantly commercial role of a hotel’s website. Thanks to Google Analytics, hotel managers can segment their visitors to study each group’s behavior according to a multitude of parameters (gender, age, origin …), in addition to knowing who are frequent users and who are occasional users.
Once a detailed profile of their customers’ behavior is established, the hotel managers can readjust the content offered on their website by optimizing it according to the data obtained thanks to Google Analytics, which will greatly reduce the bounce rate of their official website.

Once the official website has been adjusted thanks to the data collected from Google Analytics, it will undoubtedly allow to increase online sales revenue. Moreover, the service measures the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and gives the official website a major commercial role by becoming a sales channel tailored to customer demands. Finally, another major benefit of Google Analytics is the improved SEO of its official website. By knowing the users’ source as well as the customers’ journey on the web site, the SEO strategy will be personalized.

In conclusion, Google Analytics is an essential tool for any hotel manager wishing to increase the performance of their official website. It is a dashboard of all data essential to understanding the behavior of online customers, and without it, hotel managers can only play it by ear without taking into consideration the performance of their official website.